Maaka McQuillan

Maaka McQuillan Maintenance Technician

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Maaka, a self-driven individual, joined our team as a Maintenance Technician to apply his versatile skillset and extensive experience. His diverse work background equips him with a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to handle various maintenance responsibilities.

Having resided in Whakatane for a decade, Maaka has established himself in the community after two decades of travel. He brings a wealth of expertise and technical skills from his various roles, making him well-equipped to tackle a wide range of maintenance tasks.

Maaka enjoys interacting with people, showcasing his enthusiasm, confidence, and exceptional organizational skills. His strong communication abilities allow him to foster both personal and professional connections, resulting in remarkable team engagement and consistent achievement of outcomes based on his extensive experience.

In his personal time, Maaka indulges in his passions, including building, design, photography, art, music, and beach outings.