Morehu Tioriori (Bryan)

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Leading our in-house cleaning department is Bryan, a dedicated professional who is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services. With a strong emphasis on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Bryan takes great pride in his ability to transform spaces into pristine and inviting environments. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence will leave your environment immaculate and refreshed.

With an impressive 18 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Bryan has amassed extensive knowledge and expertise in tackling a wide range of cleaning challenges. From residential homes to commercial spaces, he possesses the skills and resources necessary to handle any cleaning project with meticulous precision and care.

Interestingly, before discovering his passion for cleaning, Bryan had previous work experiences in the Kiwi Fruit industry, forestry, and even truck driving. These diverse backgrounds have provided him with a unique perspective and a well-rounded skill set that enhances his abilities as a cleaner.

In his leisure time, Bryan enjoys spending quality moments at home, finding relaxation in listening to music and indulging in his favourite cartoons on TV. His jovial personality and great sense of humour make him a joy to work with, and he takes pleasure in assisting others whenever he can.