Our people

Jenni Martin – General Manager

Jenni brings to the firm extensive experience in the real estate industry, both as a property manager and real estate sales assistant. As a trusted advisor to our clients, Jenni is a great listener and her honest and straightforward approach ensures clients are kept well informed and provided with the highest level of service always. She is well regarded by clients and tenants alike.

As a property investor, Jenni understands the importance of building and maintaining great relationships with tenants as well, and prides herself on ensuring clients can maximise the value and return on their investment, and tenants are well looked after, providing peace of mind for all.

Only a phone call or email away, Jenni is responsive and always happy to help.

“I have the utmost confidence in Jenni Martin as my property manager. She is diligent in keeping an eye on my property and managing the tenants. She has the resources to get things done around the property when repairs are required.”
Richard Leong, Australia


Jenni Martin – General Manager

Jenni Martin – General Manager

Cusack Partners

  • 027 323 7346
  • jenni.martin@cusackpartners.com
Alayna Strutt – Property Manager

Alayna Strutt – Property Manager

Cusack Partners

  • 021 843 069
  • alayna.strutt@cusackpartners.com

Alayna Strutt – Property Manager

Alayna is an experienced and dedicated professional, who has earned and built herself an enviable reputation within the property management industry in the Bay of Plenty.

She loves to help people and provides first class customer service, putting them at ease whilst working hard to deliver solutions that exceed client and tenant expectations. Rest assured your property investment is in capable hands.

“I moved to Cusack Partners because I had dealt with Alayna before when she had managed my property in Whakatane, My tenants are a challenge and I had no confidence in the people after Alayna left. I felt confident in your company after talking to Alayna and your pricing is good, which is why I moved my other properties to your company as well.
Signing up was simple, carefree and easy and I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Cusack Partners to others.”
Rikki Robins, Toatoa


Lynda Sheppard – Office Manager

New to the real estate industry, Lynda has an extensive background in finance, customer service and office administration. Thriving on challenge, Lynda enjoys learning new things and doing what she can by helping her fabulous team achieve their daily challenges. And most importantly, Lynda is responsible for ensuring that all our tenants rent payments are accurately receipted and our owners paid on time in full !

Lynda Sheppard

Lynda Sheppard

Cusack Partners

  • 07 308 9888
  • lynda.sheppard@cusackpartners.com
Dion A. Cusack – Director

Dion A. Cusack – Director

Cusack Partners

  • +61 449 598 031
  • dion.cusack@cusackpartners.com
Dion A. Cusack – Director

Dion purchased his first investment property in 2005. Following that purchase and the purchase of further real estate, Dion decided to found Cusack Partners to create a genuine, fresh alternative to the main stream real estate and property management firms.

Having held accountability for financial and operational management and performance across a variety of organisations and industries, both domestically and internationally, Dion’s qualifications and experience, mean the firm and its clients are positioned to be directed by Dion given his pragmatic and critical thinking approach.

He enjoys meeting and speaking with our clients, wherever they may be around the world, and particularly sharing his and experiences and strategies and then seeing others succeed.

Karen Cusack – Director

Having recently retired as a community welfare officer, and after many years as a successful real estate agent and landlord, Karen is as experienced as they come when it comes to real estate and managing people from all walks of life. Not only does Karen come with the qualifications and skills needed to support our clients, she is also Dion Cusack’s much loved and admired mum. Karen maintains a watchful eye over the firm, ensuring first and foremost that your property is our priority.
As an alternative point of contact, Karen is also a resource available to our clients if they require any tips, hints or strategies with their portfolios, or just need someone to talk to (about anything).


Karen Cusack – Director

Karen Cusack – Director

Cusack Partners

  • 0800800910
  • info@cusackpartners.com
Sam Sofianos – Director

Sam Sofianos – Director

Cusack Partners

  • 0800 800 910
  • info@cusackpartners.com
Sam Sofianos – Director

An experienced executive, director, and property investor, Sam sits on our board as an independent director providing strategic guidance and leadership to the firm.
With over 18 years experience within the legal profession, within both Australian domestic and global law firms, Sam has an extensive background in leading information technology, knowledge management, and precedents departments, responsible for the successful delivery of countless innovation and process improvement projects.
As such we are uniquely positioned to draw on Sam’s qualifications and experience to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology to ensure our clients and tenants benefit from the efficiencies and rapidly evolving technological landscape within the real estate industry.

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Our satisfied clients say

No Hidden Costs

Before we hired Cusack Partners were worried about their trustworthiness and honesty, particularly for collecting the rent from my tenants and paying it to me, on time and accounted for. When Alayna left her last company we encountered many difficulties with the new manager so we did some research on the internet and tracked her down and signed with Cusack Partners. Since then we have no hesitation in recommending Cusack Partners to others. You always pay the rent on time and it is always accounted for, you keep us updated and at ease and we like the fixed fees that represent value with no hidden costs. It is nice not having to worry about our property. Thanks.

Gary & Suzanne Smith


Stress Free

I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property manager and I would recommend you to anyone looking to hire expert property managers.
I have been very pleased with the way in which property inspections have been carried out. They have been both regular and thorough, and any issues have been brought to my attention. I have also had regular rent reviews and my rent amount has gone up according to the way the property market has been going.
I have had a really stress free time in dealing with your property management, and have always received payments on time. Whenever I have had to deal with the property manager, I have had a response either by email or text message very promptly.

Tiffany Rich


Saving Time and Stress

I can recommend Cusack Partners to others looking for a new property manager for a number of reasons.
My rent is always accounted for and paid to me on time. When I contact them always receive a prompt reply to my query and I am kept regularly up updated by them and have confidence that if there are any issues with my property or tenants Cusack Partners are dealing with the issue, saving me a lot of time and stress.

Duncan Mc Keich


Respect and Dignity

The property manager I had gave up managing properties and she put me with Cusack Partners, prior to that I had never heard of them.

I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property managers and would recommend them to anyone looking to hire new property managers. The people at Cusack Partners are always friendly and make me feel at ease as if nothing is ever a problem and my tenants are treated with respect and dignity.

Jim Russell


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