Maintenance Plus – Easy for Property Managers

Save Time With The Most Advanced Property Maintenance Platform

We have partnered with Bricks + Agent to assist us in handling all maintenance requests from 1 August 2021. The solution brings owners, tenants, property managers and of course trades together in one system providing a transparent way to modernise the way maintenance is handled for property managers.

Features for property managers

  • MRI Maintenance Plus will grow with your business. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational you will have the tools to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • A full integration with a seamless real time data sync including properties, owners, tenants, property managers, service providers, account codes and general ledger codes.
  • Solve maintenance requests by chatting or taking a video call with one person or every person that is needed to resolve the maintenance request, all within the platform.
  • We have both simple and complex workflows to help you best manage the maintenance requests, tasks and schedules.
  • Find out all elements and areas relating to maintenance. Gain valuable insights in the composition and the details of all the maintenance tasks completed at your organisation.
  • Keeping track of activities is hard. We have a recent activity timeline so you see and action the items that require your immediate attention by clicking directly into the item in the notification.
  • Choose from your own service providers or those from our marketplace or you can find service providers on demand by searching for trades in your area and engage them on the map to complete your tasks.