Peace of mind

With the expertise of successfully managing a large real estate portfolio of our own, we know what’s important to property owners and investors.

Our Guarantee to you

You want peace of mind that your property manager is accessible to both you and your tenants and is responsive in attending to every detail promptly and effectively. You want to know that your property manager is knowledgeable about your property, the local area and is also dedicated to maximising the returns and value of your property investment.

Our scale and reach mean we have the expertise and resources to manage your property. Our integrated platform of dedicated asset managers, technology systems and access to skilled trades and services combines to deliver quality and responsive property management services to provide you with peace of mind.

We guarantee that your dedicated asset manager is committed to maximising the return on your investment, and providing you and your tenants with quality and responsive property management services

We guarantee that we will remain accessible and knowledgeable, that means your asset manager is mobile and familiar with your property, your tenants and comparable properties in the town or suburb your property is located.

If we have not addressed a concern you have raised with us about our service promptly and fairly, we will put it right, and we will provide you with 3 months standard property management free of charge.

Client Recommendation

“The property manager I had gave up managing properties and she put me with Cusack Partners, prior to that I had never heard of them. I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property managers and would recommend them to anyone looking to hire new property managers. The people at Cusack Partners are always friendly and make me feel at ease as if nothing is ever a problem and my tenants are treated with respect and dignity.”
Jim Russell, Coromandel

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