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Cusack Partners is a property management firm that also develops and owns commercial and residential real estate across a number of cities and towns in New Zealand.

Cusack Partners have been voted and awarded Whakatane’s most trusted Property Manager award in 2019.

Property management services

We offer property management services, designed to maximise the returns and value from investment in property.

When you appoint Cusack Partners to manage your property, your property is our priority and you have peace of mind that experts are attending to every detail on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Marketing for rental properties in a range of locations, we are committed to providing our tenants with responsive property management services to create safer, healthier and happier homes

Our satisfied clients say

No Hidden Costs

Before we hired Cusack Partners were worried about their trustworthiness and honesty, particularly for collecting the rent from my tenants and paying it to me, on time and accounted for. When Alayna left her last company we encountered many difficulties with the new manager so we did some research on the internet and tracked her down and signed with Cusack Partners. Since then we have no hesitation in recommending Cusack Partners to others. You always pay the rent on time and it is always accounted for, you keep us updated and at ease and we like the fixed fees that represent value with no hidden costs. It is nice not having to worry about our property. Thanks.

Gary & Suzanne Smith


Stress Free

I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property manager and I would recommend you to anyone looking to hire expert property managers.
I have been very pleased with the way in which property inspections have been carried out. They have been both regular and thorough, and any issues have been brought to my attention. I have also had regular rent reviews and my rent amount has gone up according to the way the property market has been going.
I have had a really stress free time in dealing with your property management, and have always received payments on time. Whenever I have had to deal with the property manager, I have had a response either by email or text message very promptly.

Tiffany Rich


Saving Time and Stress

I can recommend Cusack Partners to others looking for a new property manager for a number of reasons.
My rent is always accounted for and paid to me on time. When I contact them always receive a prompt reply to my query and I am kept regularly up updated by them and have confidence that if there are any issues with my property or tenants Cusack Partners are dealing with the issue, saving me a lot of time and stress.

Duncan Mc Keich


Respect and Dignity

The property manager I had gave up managing properties and she put me with Cusack Partners, prior to that I had never heard of them.

I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property managers and would recommend them to anyone looking to hire new property managers. The people at Cusack Partners are always friendly and make me feel at ease as if nothing is ever a problem and my tenants are treated with respect and dignity.

Jim Russell


Property rental services

Whether you are looking to rent your next home, or an existing tenant in one of our properties, we can help. Committed to providing safer, healthier and happier homes for all our tenants, our property managers are accessible, responsive and on hand to make renting your home easy.

We market a range of homes for rent, in a number of cities and towns so whether a first time renter, single, or looking for a family home, our dedicated and experienced property managers are here to educate and guide you through the renting process.

If you are an existing tenant you can have peace of mind knowing we available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you if you need us.

What can you do for me?

Whether you are looking to rent your next home, or an existing tenant in one of our properties, we can assist you.

We provide property and facilities management services across a number of cities and towns, marketing for rent properties of all shapes and sizes. You can search available properties at anytime online, email or call us to let us know your requirements and we can assist you in finding your next home.

If you are a tenant in one of the properties we manage, we are committed to providing you with quality and responsive property management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I arrange to view a property you have for rent?

Contact us either by email or phone to arrange an appointment.

Our property managers are mobile and flexible and will always accompany you on viewings through the property of your choice. This gives you and your asset manager an opportunity to meet in person and allow you to ask any questions that you may have.

Where are your areas of service?

Bay of Plenty

Edgecumbe, Kawerau, Matata, Mt Maunganui, Opotiki, Papamoa, Rotorua, Tauranga, Te Puke, Whakatane


Cambridge, Hamilton, Huntly, Matamata

I want to rent a property. What’s involved?

Contact us by either telephone or email.

Your property manager will ask you to complete an application form and provide some supporting documentation, referees are then contacted and you will need to sign a tenancy agreement.

You will also have to pay some initial costs when you sign the tenancy agreement. Your property manager will explain the costs to you in detail and allow you time to think it over.

How long will it take to process my tenancy application?

It should take no longer than 2 business days.

To assist us in assessing your application promptly, please ensure you provide all the information we require and that we can get in touch with your referees.

What can I expect from my property manager?

Your property manager is your main point of contact for all aspects related to renting your property and is committed to making your home a comfortable and safe one. You will always receive a friendly proactive response from your property manager.

Your property manager is there to:

• Assist you in finding your next home, and explain the terms and conditions of your tenancy and all the costs you will have to pay
• Arrange repairs and maintenance, or if it is urgent you can call our 24 hour customer care line for immediate assistance
• Provide information related to your tenancy, such as a statement of account or a reference

For more information

If you would like to know more then please download our tenants guide to Cusack Partners

cusack partners

Bay of Plenty • Edgecumbe • Katikati • Kawerau • Matata • Mt Maunganui • Opotiki • Papamoa • Rotorua • Tauranga • Te Puke • Whakatane • Waikato • Cambridge • Hamilton • Huntly • Matamata

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