Property Investment


Experienced in managing large, small, commercial and residential projects across New Zealand, Australia and Japan totalling in excess of $NZ100 million. Our development activities entail the enhancement and maintenance of real estate that we own, as well as on behalf of other property owners and investors.

By developing and improving our assets we not only create value and improve returns, we also improve the environment around our properties.

Primarily in the residential sector, we commonly have multiple projects underway simultaneously.


Our strategic approach to real estate investment means that we now own commercial and residential real estate spread from Hamilton in the North Island, down to Dunedin in the South Island, including in a number of cities and towns in between.

We take a long-term strategic approach to the acquisition and management of our own real estate assets. Our investment methodology is to generate stable long-term cash flows while managing our assets efficiently in a way that leads to an eventual appreciation in price.

We only invest in quality real estate assets when those assets meet specific investment criteria and fall within 5 industry sectors:

  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Residential including non-standard residential
  • Retail
  • Office

Our real estate assets are managed utilising the skill and expertise of our own asset managers. In place are asset portfolio capital and operational expenditure plans, which are seamlessly implemented by our own maintenance staff and a network of quality specialist trades and services.